Convert your video tapes to DVDs!
Now is a great time to gather your family memories together,
whether they are photos, slides, 8mm film, or videotape in any
and all the different formats and get them ready for conversion
to digital formats, including DVD and also hard drives, etc.
transfer from older formats helps prevent the program being lost
We can work with virtually ANY of the media formats
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Northboro Media (formerly Paxton Media) specializes in transferring
your older recordings to the latest formats, currently CD, DVD and
also hard drives and flash media. It is recommended that progrms
you have in older media formats, such as film and recording tape be
converted to the newer formats.

The life of these older formats is limited. Film recorded within the
last fifty years can be expected to undergo chemical deterioration
with consequent fading, color shifting, and general loss of image
quality. Film stored in metal cans is susceptible to adverse chemical
reactions between the film emulsion and the metallic elements in
the can, leading to film deterioration. Check to see if any film you
have is stored in metal cans and if so, remove it immediately to
plastic bags.

Recording tape is simply magnetic particles glued to a strip of
plastic. As the tape ages, the glue dries out and the magnetic
particles flake away, taking your program with them.
No one can be sure how long any given media
format can be expected to stand the test of
time. But by transferring your tape and film to
newer formats, CDs, DVDs, hard drives and
flash media, you will be making the best
decision with infomation available today that
the programs they contain will last for years
to come.
Northboro Media Service
What we do...
Your DVD or CD will have a label which you can write on, and come in
its own slim "jewel case", rubber-banded to the original tape it was
made from. You can then write the information that was on the tape
onto the DVD label and store the tape away.
Your hard drive or flash media will contain folders named with the
original media, and containing the digital files made from it.

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